Slipper Chairs Under $100 ?>

Slipper Chairs Under $100

Historically placed in bedrooms to assist ladies in putting on all those petticoats, stockings and corsets, slipper chairs can serve a variety of functions in today’s home. Of course, they still seem to be cut out for bedroom corners and dressing rooms, but look great anywhere around the house, especially in living rooms that are too small to house standard armchairs and by the door, where they serve as a place to leave a coat or put on your shoes, but also make the hallway look cozier and complete.

Bring modern flair to any room with this Avington armless slipper chair. Built on a sturdy hardwood frame, it has a deep espresso finish and a slightly flared back. Its designer upholstery features a contemporary leaf-and-branch pattern in shades of pewter, copper and gold.

Slipper chairs are generally designed to be used as accent chairs. Brightly upholstered pieces, such as Skyline Furniture Armless Chair can be that magical pop of color that a bland room needs to flourish with life and energy. However, armless chairs also work fine in sets. They’re smaller than regular armchairs and can be moved around easily, so they can be used around a coffee table, or occupy awkward spaces in the living room only to be pulled into the center when guests arrive.


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