A cozy, friendly house is worth every penny ?>

A cozy, friendly house is worth every penny

When thinking about your house, I’m sure most of you see it as a place where you can finally catch some breath and rest after a tiresome day at work. Considering the stressful conditions of the life these days, such a friendly, peaceful interior is truly priceless. However, it’s not as simple as one would think – just because it’s your house, it doesn’t instantly make it prepared to give you the maximum of comfort. You have to put some…

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Slipper Chairs Under $100 ?>

Slipper Chairs Under $100

Historically placed in bedrooms to assist ladies in putting on all those petticoats, stockings and corsets, slipper chairs can serve a variety of functions in today’s home. Of course, they still seem to be cut out for bedroom corners and dressing rooms, but look great anywhere around the house, especially in living rooms that are too small to house standard armchairs and by the door, where they serve as a place to leave a coat or put on your shoes,…

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